Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Thway"film- written by Journal Gyaw Ma Ma Lay

The Embassy of Japan with cooperation of the Ministry of Information of the Union of Myanmar, held special shows of the first Japan-Myanmar collaboration film "Thway".
The film is based on a bestseller novel "Thway", written by a well-known writer Journal Gyaw Ma Ma Lay.The film was directed by Mr. Koji Chino, one of the masters of modern Japanese film world, who has devoted his passion to developing friendship between Myanmar and Japan, and it was casted by Japanese and Myanmar actors and actresses including Myo Thanda Tun(Ma Thwe Thwe), Min Maw Kun(Maung Maung), Akari Asou(Yumi Yoshida), and Toshiyuki Nagashima(Toshio Yoshida).

 Yumi, a Japanese university student happenes to know one day that she has a younger brother(Maung Maung)in Myanmar who was born between her father, Toshio Yoshida and a Myanmar mother, Ma Thwe Thwe. Toshio was a former Japanese soldier sent to Myanmar during the World War Ⅱ. Brought by destiny, Yumi decides to visit Myanmar and to meet her younger brother, Maung Maung. Despite many difficulties, she can finally meet Maung Maung. But・・・・
Beautiful but sad affection between Yumi and Maung Maung is described in the film.
*This film is Japanese/Myanmar language version with Myanmar subtitle.

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