Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Manga ( Japanese cartoon)

Demonstration and Workshop on Manga ( Japanese cartoon)
With the cooperation of the Japan Foundation, the introduction and demonstration of Manga (Japanese cartoon) was presented by cartoonist Ms. Machiko Maeyama from Indonesia at a hotel in Yangon on 17 December 2007 . A hands-on training workshop on how to draw Manga was also organized after the demonstration.The event was patronized by more than 300 people comprised of Japanese Language learners and those who love cartoon.
 Ms. Maeyama presented the history and special features of Manga with PowerPoint presentation which was very much appreciated by the audience.About 30 participants including Myanmar cartoonists attended the workshop and Ms. Maeyama demonstrated Japanese Manga drawing techniques in detail. Myanmar cartoonists also demonstrated their skills which contributed to the cultural exchange between the two countries.
These were some of the comments from the participants; “We were surprised to know that Japanese Manga books have been published in many countries with translation into local languages”, “We were not aware that there are so many Manga magazines in Japan”, and “In Myanmar, majority of the cartoonists are male. It is interesting to learn that there are a lot of female Manga cartoonists in Japan ”. The audience seemed greatly interested in development of Manga in Japan .The Embassy of Japan plans to introduce Japanese Pop Culture such as Manga and Animation in addition to traditional Japanese Culture.

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