Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Japanese Flower Arrangement Show

Ikebana Demonstration (Japanese Flower Arrangement Show)
On May 30 and 31, in Yangon, Ikebana Demonstration was co-hosted by the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation.The two visiting professors of *Ikenobo School, Mr.Yasufumi Sasayama and Mr.Masafumi Ishiwata demonstrated the beauty of this traditional Japanese culture by creating both classic and free style works.
In two days, these young and dynamic professors attracted around four hundred audience by not only the works themselves but also by their interesting and inspiring talks.At the workshop, the interested audience had the opportunity to experience Ikebana themselves under the guidance of the professors. Around eighty people, both young and old, men and women did their utmost efforts to create their own Ikebana work.Some of the comments of the participants are as follows."I was very impressed with the way even old leaves and branches are used to create new beauty.""Ikebana is truly different from other western and Myanmar style flower arrangement.
 Especially in western style, the arrangement of more flowers tends to be praised as more goregeous, however, I was struck with the simple beauty of Ikebana which is expressed by arranging a few flowers and leaves.""I wish we could have Ikebana lessons in Yangon."The Ikebana Demonstration was extremely meaningful for the cultural exchange between Japan and Myanmar in a sense that the audience became interested not only in the way flowers are arranged but also in the unique Japanese way of thinking and sense of beauty which is behind this most attractive traditional art of Japan.*Ikenobo is a school of Ikebana, or Japanese flower arrangement. It is the oldest school of Ikebana in Japan, having been founded in the 15th century by a Buddhist monk, Ikenobo Senkai. The school, currently headed by its 45th generation grand master, Ikenobo Senei, is based in the Rokkakudo Temple in Kyoto. Additionally, it has various chapters around the world. Please refer to Ikenobo official website for further information. (http://www.ikenobo.jp/english/index.html)

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