Monday, January 21, 2013

KARIN & QUARTET Music Concert

KARIN QUARTET Music Concert ~Japanese contemporary music on traditional instruments~, co-hosted by the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation was held on December 11, 2010 at Strand Hotel in Yangon.
The QURATET composed of KARIN (25 String Koto), Akihito Obama (Shakuhachi, a Vertical Bamboo Flute), Mami Ishizuka (Piano) and Aki-ra Sunrise (Percussion), all who came from Japan.The concert presented unique and exciting music, which was based on Japanese tradition but had an essence of music from the around the globe with contemporary perception.The seven hundred audiences in the hall sang, cheered and clapped their hands with the music.
On the following day of the concert, the QUARTET held a workshop at Gitameit Music Centre.The participants listened to and compared the rhythm and tone of Japanese traditional music and those of contemporary music.They also participated in creating a tune together using their own musical instruments.
The Embassy of Japan hopes to provide such occasions again to introduce various aspect of Japanese culture to people in Myanmar.

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